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Loved by seasoned professionals and beginners alike, the Aputure Lantern attachment for the Aputure C300 Lightstorm products is an essential piece of gear in our opinion. While the Aputure Light Dome II throws a targeted/controlled flood of soft light on your subjects, the lantern attachment is capable of throwing soft, even light across an incredibly wide area, eliminating shadows with ease. Beginners love the simplicity of the basic "point & shoot" functionality, while professionals will appreciate the flexibility of the Lantern as a modern "China Ball" that can be utilized as an overhead lighting option along with the provided skirt. 


Key Features

  • 26" Diameter, Bowens Mount
  • Absorbs 1 Stop, 270° Beam Spread
  • Comes w/ Skirts to Control Light Radius
  • Use on LED or Strobe Lights


Ideal for use overhead or to raise the ambient illumination level, the 26" diameter Lantern Softbox from Aputure has the same omni-directional quality of light as the "China Balls" of yore but is built of durable materials and has accessories such as a skirt set to control the 270-degree beam spread. The Lantern has a Bowens mount that fits Aputure lights such as the 120d or 300d series, but it is also compatible with many other lights that use this popular mount.

Aputure Lantern Attachment for C300 Lightstorm


    Price is in reference to a day rental period and the quantity reflects the amount of days you intend to rent for.

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