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Desisti’s 2-bank fluorescent light throws gorgeous high CRI light at your subjects. We love our LEDs, but there’s something to be said for the even, reliable, high CRI light you get from a good fluorescent lamp.


The De Lux compact fluorescent units are the perfect fill light and set light to compliment any studio or video package. The original De Lux design has been modified to offer a fluorescent fixture without the need of a bulky, exterior, intensifier. The reflector system offers the brightest, flattest field in the industry at very competitive prices.


DE-LUX fixtures are extremely versatile, and utilize a dual accessory track for loading gel frames and egg crates. The high-efficiency optical system does not require the use of intensifiers, reducing the overall dimensions and weight of the fixture.

DeSisti De Lux 2 Fluorescent Light


    Price is in reference to a day rental period and the quantity reflects the amount of days you intend to rent for.

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